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In one of my earlier Posts, I discussed some of the Marketing Mistakes that a lot of businesses make.  In today’s article, I will highlight some of the ways you can apply to optimize your sales and marketing strategies. You can get more details of these marketing strategies in my Newsletter.


When you target ‘marketing companies’ that are a good fit—you need to tailor your letter to those companies.
So even though you have chosen the target market correctly—it is wrong to send a ‘Mass
Market’ type letter out! The letter has to scream out and say to the reader ‘this is for me’. When you achieve this, you’ve created the perfect targeted mailing.


Let’s assume you are a Printing company, for the purpose of this post. When you send out a Leaflet, or a Letter to potential customers, you must add a “Differentiator”, that is something that clearly differentiates you from your competitors. . The lack of any differentiator, especially in this very competitive market is a killer (as it is in EVERY industry). It is important to build the differentiator around a ‘Guarantee’ that’s focused on things like delivery times, quality of print, etc. 


Over 99% of marketing pieces often write letters that have no headlines. It is important to include an ‘Offer Headline’ based around the offer you are promoting as shown below. 

Here’s an example headline…
“Attention Marketing Companies –  FREE—5000 Full Colour & DoubleSided Leaflets With Your First Order”


Every sales and marketing strategy has to have an irresistible offer. Here’s an example of an irresistible offer. 
 ‘FREE – 5000 Full Colour & Double-Sided Leaflets. With Your First Order’.


 If you wrote:  ‘In order to meet those tight deadlines we can take both your artwork and data online and even supply proofs for approval online’, fine,  but it is a feature and not a benefit. The important point to remember here is that the whole purpose of this letter is to get the recipient to request a quote (the lead or enquiry). Therefore the benefits (and features) need to focus on ‘WHY’ the reader should request a quote.

6. GUARANTEE/RISK REVERSAL: See above (differentiator). 


Your letter must contain the “Reasons Why” the prospective customer should use your service. The letter will need to explain why we’re giving away 5,000 leaflets on the first order. 

Here are my reasons why…

“846 Customers Can’t All Be Wrong – Here’s Why… You see, our customers (all 846 of them) know how good we are – but just like you, before they ordered from us – they had no idea”.


 It’s important to try to tie in the social proof to the objective of the marketing piece.

So you’ll ideally want your testimonials to say something like: 

“I was actually very happy with our current printer, but I thought I’d give Artspec a try.” 

“What astonished me was the quick turnaround of the quote, and combined with their competitive
prices their quality of printing is unmatched. Two years later and I would never choose anyone else.”


Do not OMIT a Call to Action. It is important to give your prospective customers a way to claim your offer.  Your call to action will reinforce the offer and state a deadline to help reduce procrastination.

Here it is…
“To request your Instant Quote all you have to do is complete the enclosed ‘Instant Quote Request Form’ and email it back to us. Alternatively phone This is a typical example of a ‘covering letter’ sent with a brochure, catalogue, leaflet, etc.”

Notice it is devoid of any of the CORE ELEMENTS. This is operating at about 7% of its true potential at the moment!

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