How to Retain Your Clients.

  • Dr Grace 


Wow, that’s great! Well done!

But how do you retain them? What do you do to keep them coming back to you?

Some Customer Retension Strategies.

==>> Regular Contact.

One way to keep your customers coming back to you is by showing them that you care about them. This means, you don’t just only Sell and Sell again to them.. but once in a while, you call them or email them, just to find out how they are doing and how things are going for them in their business or generally!

Especially, in this Coronavirus times, it would be a shame to try and sell your new product or service to your client, only to find out that they are ill and in in hsopital, or have actually died…may God forbid! So, set aside one day in the month or every two or three months, when you touch base with your clients.

Human beings relate best to those who show that they care about their general welfare.

==>> Special offers and Discounts.

If you have a new product or service, reserve the special offers for your current clients, or at least offer them the same discounts that you are offering your new prospective clients. The mistake most businesses make is the “new-customer discount syndrome”. They are so intent on getting new customers that they offer discounts to any new customer that knocks on their doors, but allow the older and loyal customers to suffer, by making them continue to pay the higher prices! I’m sure you have heard it on the news recently – the Government is asking people to switch to new suppliers, because they will save money that way! But if your current supplier were to give you the same discount that they are offering to attract new customers, would you still switch? I don’t think so!

==>> Incentives – BOGOF?

You know about Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF)? Well, yes.. because they are all over the Supermarkets..

So, how can you create special Incentives for your existing customers?

If you are a restaurant owner, for example, you can create a 5%, 10% or similar Coupons that you hand over to your regular customers, so as to entice them to come back again soon.. They will certainly keep their coupons safe, because next time they return to your restaurant with family and friends, and they get 5% or 10% off the total cost of their meals, that would make the bill payer very ahppy. And you would have gained their trust!

Any business can create discount coupons for their loyal customers. 

If you are an Accountant, for example, you can give a 10% Off Your Next Accounting Charge to your customers! They will value that discount more than you think! 

You may even get new referrals from your clients because you gave them a Discount Coupon!

==>> Days Out (if COVID 19 allows!).

One of the best ways of bonding better with your clients is by inviting them to a Day Out – either to your office, if you have one, or to a Restaurant near You, so you can have an informal face-to-face meeting with them, pay for their lunches and get to hear, one -to-one, about the challenges they are facing in their businesses. 

That does not mean that you can solve all their problems. But it does mean that you can point them to resources or other providers who can assist them. Not only that, you also create a friendly Community for your clients. The clients will most likely exchange business cards and, from then on, keep in touch with one another.

I bet you, your clients will begin to look upon you as a FRIEND, rather than just someone who is helping them with their business alone!

Let me know if these suggetsions are helpful..

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